We’re thrilled Autodesk has led a significant investment in RADiCAL, partnering with us around both technology and philosophy.


RADiCAL’s mission continues to democratize massively scalable 3D animation and human virtualization for everyone, everywhere.  We want to empower millions of independent creatives, serve billions of consumers, drive smart human analytics and accelerate autonomous systems that serve the public interest.

With this new partnership, we will empower a growing grassroots community with a low cost, democratized, cloud-first platform.  These are just some of our immediate priorities: 

  1. To release to the general public RADiCAL Live , our real-time multiplayer platform
  2. To massively invest in our AI to expand fidelity, motion domain, use cases, and robustness; and
  3. To expand our collaborative web editor platform to include animation tools traditionally only available to professional users

We want to express our warmest thanks to the advisors and contributors who have supported us over the years, incl. Michel BesnerAnand RavipatiSerge BelongieBrad ClarkAnna-Chiara BelliniFrancesco RiccioRoberto CapobiancoAdriano Donninelli, Fedor Tokarev and a few others.