About RADiCAL: 

RADiCAL is looking for a 3D artist.  If you want to be involved in genuine product innovation that solves actual problems across many industries and is enjoyed by millions of users around the world, we’d love to speak to you.  RADiCAL democratizes 3D motion capture, animation and human virtualization solutions for everyone, everywhere.  We use the most advanced deep learning techniques in developing our (mostly) cloud-based solutions. Our community of creatives in 3D computer graphics, animation, film, TV and gaming, along with futurists, scientists, academics and design enthusiasts, is growing fast around the world.  


About you and the position: 

We are looking for a 3D artist who can model 3D assets for use in for three.js web visualizations at a high professional level. You will work closely with an agile design and development team to understand end-user requirements and use cases, as well as influence decisions on 3D design and modeling. We’re a startup, so we’d like you to be deeply motivated and goal-oriented.  We are looking for the following characteristics in the right candidate: 

  • You are highly proficient in 3D modeling, texturing, rendering and character rigging, light baking,  UV unwrapping and textile density using your 3D software of choice, such as 3ds Max or Maya, Blender, or Cinema 4D.
  • You should understand 3D design challenges fundamentally and be capable of addressing them using the latest 3D technologies.
  • You will review and understand project documents, which can include Sketch, 2D digital, and 3D assets. 


Day-to-day responsibilities: 

You will design, model, assemble and optimize 3D scenes and 3D assets, while considering polygon counts, normals (smoothing groups), LODs and mipmap textures. Specifically, you will engage in the following tasks:

  • 3D polygon modeling for web based real time visualizations in three.js.
  • Optimizing 3D assets considering polygon counts, normals (smoothing groups) and LODs and mipmap textures.
  • Texturing, light baking and UV unwrapping.
  • Character rigging.


Requirements and qualifications: 

Expert in at least one of these 3D software packages: 

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D

Experience using Substance Painter, Mari and Unreal Engine or Unity is not a requirement but it’s a big plus.



If you’re interested, please get in touch here: [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!