RADiCAL is looking to engage one or more content creators who’d like to contribute to our community and marketing outreach efforts.



Our community of creatives in 3D computer graphics, animation, film, TV and gaming, along with futurists, scientists and design enthusiasts, is fast approaching 100,000 around the world.  What this community does with our technology inspires us to no end. We want to augment that inspiration to show the industry and the world what our technology can do. We’re thefore looking for content enthusiasts with a desire to create engaging short-form visual content inspired by our technology and what our community does with it.



You will ideate, develop and create short form video content principally for online distribution across social media channels.  You will use pre-existing footage from our community, customers and partners, as well as develop your own with our AI.  You will work closely with the leadership team at RADiCAL, but you’ll enjoy a good degree of creative autonomy.  Community content creators can work with us as they like – flexibly, remotely, creatively.



  • Interest in, and experience with, editing polished short-form 2D video content in an engaging way, principally for social media and internet distribution.
  • Some experience with (and a good amount of love for) 3D computer graphics / animation software (Blender, Autodesk, Unreal, Unity, Reallusion, Houdini, WebGL, etc.)


Location: Earth (but we’ll consider other planets).


* * *

If you’re interested, please get in touch here: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!