We’re thrilled Autodesk has led a significant investment in RADiCAL, partnering with us around both technology and philosophy.


RADiCAL’s mission continues to democratize massively scalable 3D animation and human virtualization for everyone, everywhere.  We want to empower millions of independent creatives, serve billions of consumers, drive smart human analytics and accelerate autonomous systems that serve the public interest.

With this new partnership, we will empower a growing grassroots community with a low cost, democratized, cloud-first platform.  These are just some of our immediate priorities: 

  1. To release to the general public RADiCAL Live , our real-time multiplayer platform
  2. To massively invest in our AI to expand fidelity, motion domain, use cases, and robustness; and
  3. To expand our collaborative web editor platform to include animation tools traditionally only available to professional users

We want to express our warmest thanks to the advisors and contributors who have supported us over the years, incl. Michel BesnerAnand RavipatiSerge BelongieBrad ClarkAnna-Chiara BelliniFrancesco RiccioRoberto CapobiancoAdriano Donninelli, Fedor Tokarev and a few others.


We’ve joined Unreal, Digital Domain, NVIDIA, and major European broadcasters in supporting the IBC Accelarator for Real Rime Animation.

It’s a pleasure working with John Canning at Digital DomainRick Champagne at NVIDIARob Di Figlia at Epic Games / , in addition to amazing broadcast professionals like Ultan Courtney (RTE) and Paola Sunna (European Broadcasting Union).

Check out the program and our progress over on the IBC website. If you plan on being at IBC, please reach out to us (email).



We’re proud to announce that the formidable Michel Besner has joined our advisory board. 

Michel has spent the last 25 years developing and bringing to market innovative products and solutions across media & entertainment (film, television, and video games), enterprise SaaS, and related areas.

Among many other roles, Michel co-founded, and led as CEO, Kaydara (acquired by Alias / Autodesk), creating MotionBuilder, HumanIK and the FBX format, turning the firm’s 3D character animation and motion capture tools into an award-winning industry staple. At Autodesk, Michel oversaw the Media & Entertainment division’s entire 3D product line – a $120M product portfolio. 

We’re excited that Michel deepens RADiCAL’s strategic networks across content creation industries and helps define product development priorities to serve its customers and partners. We’re grateful you’re working with us, Michel.

Welcome to RADiCAL!

– Team RADiCAL


Are you a content enthusiast with a desire to create engaging short-form video content inspired by our technology and our community? Our community of creatives in 3D computer graphics, animation, film, TV and gaming, along with futurists, scientists and design enthusiasts, is fast approaching 100,000 around the world.  It’s time we share what they do. RADiCAL is looking to engage one or more content creators who’d like to contribute to our community and marketing outreach efforts.

Read more about it here: RADiCAL Careers: community content contributors.

We’re grateful and excited that we have received an Epic MegaGrant.

We already provide a real-time deployment for UE4 through RADiCAL Studio. With the support of this grant, we’re working on democratizing our product further.

We’ll soon release RADiCAL Live to our entire community of about 80,000 content creators, meaning it will no longer be limited to enterprise customers.  RADiCAL Live is a cloud deployment of our AI, accessible to everyone, everywhere, for real-time remote 3D animation and virtualization, right from your home device (regardless of what it is) to enable virtual production, game development, game play, digital art and motion capture.



For users working with Unreal Engine, RADiCAL Live will come integrated with UE4 (soon, UE5) LiveLink. This means you’ll be able to ingest live animation data coming from RADiCAL’s cloud servers directly into your local machine running Unreal, both inside the editor and packaged apps.
*    *    *

RADiCAL Live animation data will also be available through our website (in WebGL) and, soon, Unity.  We’re also looking into real-time integrations for Blender and iClone, as we’re fans of both, but we’re still evaluating the requirements and timeline for those.  If you’re interested in playing a role in any of these integrations, as a developer, tester or to give advice of any nature, please do get in touch.

Toward the metaverse.

Thank you, Unreal and Epic Games.  It means the world.

– Team RADiCAL


After carefully considering feedback from our community and the industry at large,  we are excited to offer the Studio Creator package.


  • Use for free, no limits: anybody with a RADiCAL account can now install and use Studio to animate and visualize as much motion as they want, free of charge, no credit card required.


  • Download FBX exports – pay only for what you need: We’re also launching our pay-as-you-go system (PAYG) as part of the Studio Creator package. If you decide that you want to export animation data from Studio, you can purchase one minute increments of export time that you can use whenever you want. You only pay for the results you need. Left-over credits won’t expire for a year.


  • Download directly from website (we’re leaving Steam): Studio is now available directly through our website here and here. If you previously downloaded Studio from Steam, no worries, you can simply delete the Steam version and replace it with the version downloaded from our website.  Your results will still be in the folder where you saved them.


  • Annual Producer – lower price – unlimited FBX exports:  we’re dramatically reducing the price of our Studio Producer package to $250, featuring unlimited animation data exports.  Check out our updated pricing page here.


We are doing this in the hopes that all creators, regardless of resources, will be able to use RADiCAL Studio in their content pipelines.


No subscription.  Free to download.  Free to use.


P.S: many of you also asked for a Studio tutorial, which you can view here.


*                       *                        *


– Team RADiCAL

Do you have experience optimizing custom neural network models for fast inference using the latest TensorRT plugins and cuDNN?  Then we’d love to talk to you – pls head on over to careers page and get in touch!

09 Jan 2020

As we prepare for the transition to Gen3, we have to make a few changes.  The core of our platform will continue to run, but we’re limiting access to Gen2 through free accounts via some of our apps until Gen3 is out. 


  • Website: Our website will continue to operate as usual, with access to your completed scenes (Projects) and community scenes (Explore). You can register as a new user, including for a free account, download FBX files, manage your account and upload new videos via our custom upload page for processing through Gen2, if you hold a paid subscription.
  • Windows app: Our windows app will continue to be available on Steam. It will operate as usual, and we will continue to maintain it.
  • Mobile apps / MacOS app: To prepare for Gen3, we are suspending downloads of our iOS, Android and MacOS apps from the app stores.

    If you’ve already installed these apps, you can continue to use them by accessing your completed scenes and community scenes. However, you will no longer be able to upload new videos into our cloud from the mobile apps. The mobile apps won’t prevent you from recording videos or initiating uploads, but the upload will not reach our servers (and you will receive an email to confirm this). We will no longer update or maintain these legacy apps.

    If you’re a paying subscriber, you can continue to upload new videos for processing through Gen2 via our custom upload page on our website.


We hope you bear with us.  The transition to Gen3 is a momentous task.  We’re excited about it, and we hope you are, too. 


– Team RADiCAL  

Matteo Giuberti has joined our AI team after five years as a senior research engineer at Xsens, one of the world’s leading providers of motion capture solutions. Matteo brings to our AI team strong domain expertise around human motion and biomechanics. Matteo holds a PhD from Università degli Studi di Parma.

Roberto Capobianco started to work with our AI team in 2018 but has now completed the transition to look after the overall implementation of Gen3 across all hardware and software environments. Roberto holds a PhD in robotics and AI from Sapienza Università di Roma, where he also continues to teach as a lecturer.

Francesco Riccio has joined our AI team to strengthen our development and engineering efforts along the entire deep learning stack. Francesco holds a PhD from Sapienza Università di Roma, where he is also a postdoctoral researcher focusing on robotics and deep learning.

Anand Ravipati has joined the team as a product manager looking after user engagement, analytics, customer inquiries, marketing and industry relations. Anand is an experienced angel investor and has advised many startups.  Anand holds a BA from Penn State University and an MD from Ross University.

The new team! (Clockwise from top left) Matteo Giuberti, Roberto Capobianco, Anand Ravipati, Francesco Riccio

We are proud to announce a partnership with Sketchfab to allow users to access their scan previews how they want, where they want.

Starting today, any RADiCAL user can navigate to any scan page and link a new or existing Sketchfab account. On both platforms they can then review Sketchfab previews of all their captured motion. This allows users to harness both the power of Sketchfab’s community of animators and designers along with RADiCAL’s seamless ability to capture motion.

Our goal has always been to provide more freedom for creators, and we think that the ability to bridge both communities brings us closer to that vision. We can’t wait to see what that fusion will create.

For more on the partnership, check out Sketchfab’s blog for details.

12 Feb 2018

We here at RADiCAL use machine learning to animate our world. For us, motion capture for the human body should be available to everyone, everywhere, whenever they need it. We think that you shouldn’t need a dedicated motion capture studio, fancy hardware, or a fleet of professional animators on speed dial. We’re betting that simple cameras, even the one on your phone, are more than capable of doing the job. We can use that camera to allow you to capture human motion, even if you’ve never squeezed into a sensor-covered suit. Our powerful detection and reconstruction technologies give creators a new level playing field. RADiCAL makes motion capture not just available, but usable by anyone with a desire to make their ideas real.

Just like our users, everyone on our team has a story to tell. We’re scientists, engineers, and industry experts, and we bring our passions to the table in everything we do. We’re makers, hackers, and tinkerers; we love creating, coding, and solving equations. For us, RADiCAL is all about expanding the “who” and the “why” of motion capture. We want to improve 3D films and games, and transform art, virtual reality, and the physical world we live in. We want people to turn ideas on paper into more than just drawings. Everybody has a message to capture and we think that we just might be able to help.

We hope you’ll be there with us.


09 Feb 2018

Hello world!