Yesterday, 30 August 2021, we released our latest AI, version 3.2.10.  This AI update makes significant progress on the key metrics of better understanding and reconstructing movement through depth and its relationship with the floor:       


1.  Floor contact (footlock): Our AI now has a better, explicit, understanding of the relationship between the actor and the floor in the scene.  This produces more consistent, stable results with respect to the feet making contact with the floor.


2.  Spatial trajectory: Our AI is now better able to detect and reconstruct movement through space, specifically depth. As a result, you’ll see fewer unnatural global oscillations in spatial trajectory in our results.  And where they still exist, they are consistently less pronounced.


These changes, in turn, also produce subtle, but noticeable improvements to fidelity (detail), smoothness and stability (ie, even less jitter, chop and jerk).


Update your results:

As ever, results you have previously produced using an older version of the AI can be updated with a single click from the right-hand sidebar in your scene.

Much more to do:

Our aim is to hold our footlock / floor contact and spatial trajectory metrics to the highest standards of the industry.  We believe we can get there, and we know there’s work yet to be done.  There will be many more of these releases, and corresponding improvements, going forward.