We are taking an important leap toward a public release of our latest product, RADiCAL Live. We have now released the RADiCAL LIVE Connector for NVIDIA Omniverse to enable real-time, multiplayer 3D motion capture inside Omniverse, for everyone, everywhere, from any device.

Omniverse is based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX technology. The platform enables universal interoperability across different applications and 3D ecosystem vendors, as well as provides real-time scene updates. It is designed to act as a hub, enabling new capabilities to be exposed as microservices to any connected clients and applications.


About RADiCAL Live:

The RADiCAL LIVE cloud platform powers software-only, massive scalable, high-quality remote 3D skeletal reconstruction, character animation and user virtualization for practically unlimited participants in shared virtual spaces.

Features include:

  • Real time 3D motion capture from 2D video: RADiCAL’s proprietary AI generates high-quality 3D skeletal motion data from a single, real-time 2D video feed.
  • Multiplayer: Our proprietary cloud-based multiplayer solution enables shared virtual spaces in Omniverse. Every participant can see themselves and every other participating actor in the shared 3D space, in real time.
  • No special hardware / software: RADiCAL LIVE runs on any internet-connected consumer device equipped with a 2D camera – no trackers, suits or dedicated hardware required. LIVE works across the entire consumer hardware and software landscape (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device). You will preserve nearly 100% device-side compute capacity, making it available to support graphics rendering and application logic.
  • Setup and preparation: RADiCAL Live requires no special setup, calibration of cameras or constrained environments. Just ensure decent lighting, full body visibility, a 1 second calibration and that you’re alone in the frame. That’s it.


Access LIVE – developer account:

We intend to release RADiCAL LIVE to our community soon, entirely self-service, easy to use, and massively scalable.  Until then, the LIVE platform is available through a developer account that we grant to customers and partners upon request.

If you don’t have a RADiCAL developer account, get in touch.  We’re happy to offer it to as many users as we can, as fast as possible, but we need to coordinate cloud resources to enable a smooth and seamless experience for everyone. We’re therefore sequencing the rollout according to use case, expected engagement, and a few other metrics.


Access LIVE in Omniverse – without a developer account:

Until you have a developer account, you can still try out what it looks and feels like, using a simulated live data stream.  Check out the FAQs (incl technical guide) here.